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This update can be applied to any existing Command installation. Simply unzip the contents to the Command installation folder, answering “yes” to any overwrite prompts.

Changes since last public release (Build 484)

– 0006437: [481] Aircraft RTB’ing from AAW Patrol Crash because the calc is too close
– 0006556: [483] CAP runs out of fuel
– 0006390: [481] Bad fuel calcs lead to crashing UAV
– 0006478: [480] Air units disregarding “ignore plotted course” setting
– 0006260: [476] Disappearing Unit Issue: Launching a mission with one ready ac and others not
– 0006584: Helos ignore 1/3 rule (and use 2/3 instead)
– 0005417: [417] Patrol mission – 1/3rd rule
– 0006407: [481] Imports aren’t working if you select groups
– 0006572: ROVs launched from minehunters disappearing
– [FIXED B485] [B481] RTB – Bingo fuel
– [FIXED B485] CAP bingo test
– [FIXED B486] more proper set-up fuel crash

This release focuses primarily on resolving the ‘aircraft running out of fuel & crashing” problems that have appeared in the last public releases. Other fixes & improvements have also been included.

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