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This update can be applied to any existing Command installation. Simply unzip the contents to the Command installation folder, answering “yes” to any overwrite prompts.

– 0004834: Disabling “investigate outside patrol area” should clear auto-engagements outside area (for assigned units)
– [FIXED B481] Question…clouds and GBU-16 Paveway II
– [FIXED B481] 6 hrs to prepare an Harrier???
– [FIXED B481] BUG – JDAM W/ BLU-109 still not penetrating
– [FIXED B481] [442] – Possible AGM 78 related bug. CTD fault following missile strike

* Numerous tweaks to reduce the appearance of “Unable to create Direct3D device” errors on startup (working on a permanent solution for this).

* Tweaked the non-bingo RTB behavior for aircraft so that they return to base at full rather than cruise throttle.

* You can now manually mark a contact as friendly (‘F’) or neutral (‘N’). If the contact is subsequently detected with sensors capable of establishing its true side and/or posture, the manually-set posture is discarded.

* Improved weather effects modelling: cloud cover now significantly disrupts EO/IR/laser sensors, depending on cloud thickness (difficult but doable in light/medium clouds, but good luck dropping LGBs from med/high altitude in typical CentFront weather).

* Significant tweaks to “air boss” AI:

a) When an aircraft is about to occupy a transit facility (e.g. elevator on ship) in order to get to the runway and take off, a check is first made if another aircraft is in the post-touchdown sequence. If that’s the case, and if only one transit facility is available, the outgoing aircraft is held to wait so that the incoming one uses the transit facility to clear the runway.
(This was added to rectify the problem of “the air boss is sending back to the hangar one or two aircraft from an entire outgoing group [in order to make the transit facility available to the ones that just landed] and therefore breaks group cohesion”. So now an outgoing group may take longer to get out, but it get out whole.)

b) Likewise, the air boss sends back aircraft to hangars more selectively (much more rarely).

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