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Command 1.11 RC 1

Command 1.11 RC1 is released! Get it here:

Command 1.10 released!

Download link: Steam Workshop support! Download scenarios from the community, publish scenarios with a click! • Waypoints for cruise missile attacks: Plan and execute complex, multi-leg cruise missile strikes just like on real-life ops in Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere! • Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC / NIFC-CA): “Blind” cooperative missile shots and other abilities that […]

Command Questions and Answers

To help both experienced and new players alike who have questions about the game I’ve started a new question and answer site for Command players. Command Questions and Answers It’s built and run by you the command community. With your help we’re working together to build a library of detailed answers to every question about […]

Northern Inferno Command DLC! Out on October 22.

The year is 1975, the Cold War is omnipresent and beneath the veneer of détente the tension between the two superpowers irreversibly escalate towards the ultimate confrontation.  As an at-sea “accident” results in the sinking of a Royal Navy frigate and the Warsaw Pact is mobilizing, events rapidly spiral out of control. The world is […]

Command 50% off!

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations is currently 50% off on Steam and Matrix for this weekend only. Over the last few weeks I’ve been making Command Tutorials for folks new to Command to get up to speed quickly.  

Command 1.07 Release Candidate

Command 1.07’s first release candidate has been released! Matrix thread. MAJOR NEW FEATURES =============================== * Weapon Release Authorization (WRA). See here: * Mission Editor 2.0 . See here: * Scenario Attachments (aka auto-bundling). See here: USER INTERFACE IMPROVEMENTS ================================ Updated functionality ———————- – Ignore plotted course when attacking: moved to doctrine – […]

The Historical Gamer

My friend TheHistoricalGamer has a video on Command! Give it a watch and if you like historical wargames please subscribe to his youtube channel. He plays Iron Hand, a scenario focusing on a hypothetical Russian SEAD attack on Azerbaijan.