EBook Recommendations

So I’ve been doing a lot of reading and figured I’d recommend a few of my favorite military ebooks. While I can be a relentlessly critical person (that on my personal blog, the posts tagged “Bad Fiction” vastly outnumber those marked “Good Fiction” speaks for itself), even I have some works I’ve liked enough to endorse.

First book: Raven One, by Kevin Miller

This book isn’t exactly going to win any Nobel Prizes for Literature, but it stands out as something that does all the elements of a post-USSR military thriller right. Just the right amount of enhancing the enemy, just the right level of stakes. As a page-turner, you could do far worse. (I’ve recommended this before, and for good reason)

Second book: The Defense of Hill 781, by James McDonough

This is more unconventional, a Duffers Drift-style piece of edutainment. I like it, not just because of its good writing, but because it manages to use one of my favorite potential tropes, a completely artificial foe. And it uses it well.

Third book: Team Yankee, by Harold Coyle

This is a classic tank novel. And for good reason-one thing I was impressed by was how well it moves. Some thrillers are clunky, this one is not. It’s still a cheap thriller, but it manages to move well and (for the most part) incorporate a ton of characters and actions into a smooth narrative. Well worth a read.