My opponents

I’ve looked at my community-submitted scenarios and took a look at who the sides opposing the player were. They were pretty-diverse.

  1. Albania Airstrike (Albania)
  2. Yellow Sea Patrol (China)
  3. The Migrant War (Oman)
  4. Chilean Chevauchee (Peru)
  5. Ancient Armies, Modern Weapons (Ptolemaic Kingdom)
  6. Great Asian War: Southwestern Front (Vietnam/Cambodia)
  7. Regaining Honor (US)
  8. A Day At Red Flag (Domestic OPFOR)
  9. Needle In A Wet Haystack (Smugglers)
  10. Operation Square Peg (Syria)
  11. Turkmen Bombardment (Afghanistan)
  12. SEAL Submarine Exercise (Domestic OPFOR)
  13. The Old Regime And The New Nation (Nigeria)
  14. Growler vs. Growler (Domestic OPFOR)
  15. The Okhotsk Bastion (USSR/Russia)
  16. Myanmar Defense (N/A)
  17. Operation Sombrero De Copa (UK)
  18. Old Feuds Have Now Returned (England or Scotland, both playable)
  19. One Final Old Fashioned Banana War (Baja Rebels)
  20. Best of The West, Worst of the East (US)
  21. Rollback: The First of Many (Iraq)
  22. Rollback: Hoisting The Net (Smugglers)
  23. Etendards in Her Majesty’s Face (UK)
  24. Probe Or Feint (China)
  25. They Came From The Museum (Ukraine)
  26. Nuclear Storm (Iraq)
  27. Better Bullets AMRAAM (Domestic OPFOR)
  28. Better Bullets SARH (Domestic OPFOR)
  29. Phoenix of Indochina (Viet Minh/China)
  30. Sinking a Battlewagon (US)
  31. Scenario Editor Tutorial-Adding Weapons (N/A)
  32. War of the Thirty-Fives (Turkey)
  33. Iran Airbase Attack Drill (Iranian Domestic OPFOR)
  34. Turkish Revenge (Syria)
  35. Warthogs Over Latakia (Syria)
  36. Standoff-21 (Argentina)
  37. Brazil Abroad (Guinea-Bissau)
  38. Human Limitation (Libya)

Of note, a domestic REDFOR in a training exercise appears no few than six times, the UK (or a part of it)  three times, the US  and China three times as well, and Russia/USSR only once. Non-state irregulars appear three times. Always interesting to reflect on where your creativity takes you.