A Classic Command Scenario-Solomon Islands Incursion

One classic Command scenario which I’ve replayed from time to time is the community pack’s Solomon Islands Incursion. In it, Papua New Guinea sends its small navy out to conduct a raid in the titular archipelago. Several things about it appealed to me.

The first was its effective simulation of a low-end force. The main priority is ammunition management and control of tiny patrol boats, a challenge entirely different from managing either end of a Tu-22 regiment vs. CVBG epic showdown. Despite this, the basic principles of naval warfare ( that effective reconnaisance and concentration of force win the day)  still apply.

hmpngs_buna_in_2016 This landing craft is the largest ship on either side in the scenario.

The second, more interesting from a historical perspective, is its location. The battle occurs in the same area as a massive campaign in World War II, creating an interesting contrast. Then, it was massive fleets of cruisers. Now, it’s tiny vessels. But in the scenario, The Slot still has one naval battle left in it.