Russian TOE 2008

Mechanized Infantry Brigade(as planed in 2008):
Tank Battalion
Mechanized Infantry Battalion MT-LB
Engineer Battalion
Artillery Command and recon Battery (Chief of artillery)
Self-propelled howitzer Battalion
Rocket artillery Battalion
Antitank artillery Battalion
Command and Radar Platoon (Chief of air defence)
Recon and Intel Platoon (Chief of Intelligence)
Anti-aircraft missile Battalion
Anti-aircraft gun/missile Battalion
Signal Battalion
NBC protection Company
Electronic warfare Company
Support Battalion
Maintenance Battalion
Medical support Battalion

Artillery Brigade(as planed in 2008, type 51 & 52):
Self-propelled Gun Artillery Battalion
Rocket Artillery Battalion
Antitank Battalion
Artillery Reconnaissance Battalion (type 51)
Artillery Reconnaissance Battery (type 52)
Command Battery
Engineer platoon
NBC Protection Platoon

Maintenance Company
Logistic Support Company (type 51)
Logistic Support Company (type 52)
Commander Platoon
Medical Post (20 beds infirmary)
Military Band
Training Facility