Episode 4 ASuW Tutorial and Guadalcanal 2020


Episode 4 (streamed live on 10/5/2013) was comprised of 3 major components. First I examined the ASuW tutorial in detail, deploying ESSM initially to defeat an air threat. Following up with a Tomahawk strike on ammo bunkers and a rocket torpedo strike on a assumed-hostile goblin.

The second component of Epsiode 4 is a sandbox scenario centered around Guadalcanal in 2013. The Imperial Chinese have taken Rabaul and are operating a squadron of attack/fighter aircraft out of the airfield. They have also landed on Guadalcanal and are making preparations to use Henderson field to cut Australia off from America!

They must be stopped!! A DDG-1000 Zumwalt escorting an Improved Wasp LHD filled with angry Marines on LCAC hovercrafts!  (Isn’t the present wonderful? Literally marines on hovercraft is the modern way to do an amphibious landing). The LCACs leverage their superior speed to land in on a beach that 4 Super Cobras cleared. 4 F-35Bs provide the BARCAP.

  • Part 1 ASuW Tutorial
    I start off the ASuW Tutorial. The star of the show is a Arleigh Burke Flight IIA, a modern USN Guided Missile Destroyer. I make a few target location measurements and defend my DDG against an air attack.
  • Part 2 Rocket Torpedo and Cruise Missile
    First a rocket torpedo for a close creeping sub, then six Tomahawks for Ammo Bunkers! I also plot a course specifically to avoid shore artillery battery’s capability. “The Soviets don’t make boats that aren’t dangerous!” I also analyse the surface contact on the other side of the island, with GIGANTIC Anti Ship Missiles!
  • Part 3 The Ineffective Airstrike
    I attack the hostile missile frigate with laser guided Hellfire II from my SH-60B Seahawk. Due to my lack of timing I prevent the Seahawk from maintaining a laser lock on the target during the terminal stage of the Hellfires’ flight. I then get frustrated and launch 10 ESSM missiles at the target forgetting that ESSM require terminal radar illumination as they are semi-active radar homing missiles. Overall I waste quite a few missiles to ZERO effect. v1.01 has a FIX for uselessly firing ESSM missiles, the game takes terminal radar illumination into account now!
  • Part 4 The Naval Bombardment
    BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, BOOM BOOM BOOM! I close to within range of my 5 inch gun and open a can of whoopass on a artillery battery emplaced near the shore. My second air strike approaches their target and slows to a hover ready to unload the last of my Hellfires.
  • Part 5 The Effective Airstrike
    My Seahawks release their Hellfires! The laser target designators turn on at the terminal phase of the missiles’ flight! Chaff bursts into the air trying to spoof the laser! A few Hellfires get though to impact the hull of the boat! The USS Stockdale then closes in for the kill while one of the Seahawks keeps an eye on the enemy ship.
  • Part 6 The Inbound Vampires
    Nightmare! Six inbound Siren ASM were launched off of the target ship. I’m doomed if I’m unable to shoot them down. 6 missiles inbound, only 4 anti-missile-missiles to go around. What to do… What to do….
  • Part 7 The Five Inch Gun
    Having defeated the target’s attack on my ship I close in for the kill. Not many countermeasures exist for 100+ five inch shells airbursting around your boat!
  • Part 8 Command Multiplayer Discussion
    I discuss my plans for a Command Multiplayer Plugin with the people on the stream’s chat.
  • Part 9 Guadalcanal Sandbox Setup
    China’s Marine Infantry have taken Guadalcanal in the year 2013! They are trying to cut Australia off from America! The USN sorties a DDG-1000 Zumwalt and a LHD with USMC F-35B as well as 3 LCACs!
  • Part 10 Neo-Guadalcanal
    The setup continues; China is assigned a significant naval force as well as a few squadrons of modern Chinese attack aircraft!
  • Part 11 The Battle of Guadalcanal
    Guadalcanal 2013. F-35Bs engage a a horde of Chinese aircraft. DDG-1000’s array of anti aircraft weaponry are put to the test!
  • Part 12 F-35Bs over Henderson
    Henderson Field, 2013. F-35Bs patrol above Super Cobras as part of a USN amphibious landing operation!
  • Part 13 Take The Beach Marines!
    3 LCACs launched from the LHD take the beaches of Guadalcanal supported by F-35B and Super Cobras. Finally I recap the episode.