Baloogan Geostream


I used my second episode to quickly test out a mod/plugin I created for Command.

Its a program which creates kml files which then can be used to view the units in game in Google Earth. It utilizes NetworkLink so your google earth will automatically update the positions of units.

Its in a very preliminary stage; it has some pretty significant show-stopping bugs. I can’t release it in its current state; effectively it doesn’t work on any computer/webserver than mine.

I’d like to get some beta testers if possible, I can’t test the system effectively without actively streaming to another computer; and using my stream to debug software is unfair to those who just want to watch Command gameplay.

This is the example KML from Part 2 of Episode 2. You can open this with Google Earth. These will not auto-update or ‘geostream’ but rather they are recordings of previous geostreams.

This is the KML from the teaser. (The 2 A-10s)

Discussion thread for plugin.

Video from Episode 2: