The download is a self-extracting 7-zip file. Simply unpack to the Command installation directory, answering “yes” to any overwrite prompts.

This update can be applied to any existing version of the game, from v1.00 (Build 429) all the way to Build 536.

RC2 RELEASE NOTES (changes since B536)

– 0006138: After using the Add Edit sides dialog the matrix menu is the active window
– 0007078: Wrong window is coming into the foreground
– 0007058: Closing the mission-editor-window
– 0006876: AI mission logic sends unarmed planes on mission
– 0006684: Game randomly + frequently switches to background
– 0007596: Error on missile right click
– 0007555: Aircraft Mission Status is Rapidly Changing
– 0007598: Crash Bug when re-targeting weapons after launch
– 0007179: adding multiple units in a row, unit list disappears if no name typed
– 0007314: Main Window Loosing Focus
– 0007485: Wingmen in groups using the Autoplanner continously switch between Tasked and Unassigned statuses
– 0007478: Message log gains focus -> no more keyboard inputs
– 0007606: Planes will load reserve ready and continue to fly missions
– 0007392: Carrier capable flag not in use pre-413 dbs
– 0007578: Player ordering manual attack on contact group: attack dialog should show all components
– 0007334: Group has new leader and new stations every load
– 0007515: Group lead changes not surviving save game
– 0007601: Mission Editor Dialog: Show current ready status of aircraft
– 0006409: Must improve ABM intercept guidance logic (missiles fired at impossible [off-angle] targets)
– 0006941: Need to improve ABM guidance algorithms
– 0006875: Arrow ABM intercepts going awry + Patriots going zig-zag
– 0007610: ES-3601 Picking up everything
– 0007616: If you open the speed and alt dialog and then switch to a different unit the dialog doesn’t update to match type
– 0007612: Open dialogs should not block hotkey input

* Significant improvements to ABM intercept logic:
– Units with ABMs/ASATs target & begin tracking ballistic & orbital targets at much larger distances (to compensate for the very fast closure speed). This allows taking shots at the maximum intercept range.
– ABM shooters now understand when a potential shoot is not going to intercept an incoming ballistic missile/RV in time, i.e before splashdown, and hold fire in such case.
– Additional pre-fire checks for mandatory datalinks. If a mandatory datalink connection cannot be established, the firing sequence is aborted rather than launching the weapon “blind”. (This is critical for ABMs but also benefits other weapon types with mandatory datalinks).

* The weapon page on the DB viewer now lists the guidance details for the displayed weapon.