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This major update can be applied to any existing Command installation, from v1.00 all the way to Build 507.

– 0002711: Unable to change aircraft loadouts, sim does not take into account already loaded ordnance
– 0002931: Ready AC Dialog: Command doesn’t calculate what weapons and pods are on an aircraft when calculating if a loadout is available.
– 0005104: When a plane with drop tanks are reloaded with a loadout without tanks, the tanks are put back into the magazine
– 0006099: Any kind of aircraft can land on aircraft carrier
– 0006071: Can cheat to make aircraft with 10hr ready time ok for takeoff in 30 min by switching loadout twice
– 0005736: Secondary weapons shortage blocks loadout being loaded
– 0005492: [426] Aircraft stuck “completing landing” -> runway access points blocked
– 0005320: Ready aircraft should automatically be moved to the flight deck of a carrier to reduce launch times
– 0005318: Re-arm aircraft when secondary weapons are out
– 0005204: Take-off times are faar too long
– 0006810: Loadouts: mark weapons as primary/secondary
– 0006776: [490]F-35s stuck in ready cycle
– 0006590: [Build 485]Aircraft gun and fuel tank components of loadouts being added to the wrong magazines
– 0006588: [485]Accidentally equipped different aircraft types with same loadout.
– 0006540: When aircraft land at an empty base and loadout change the pods aren’t appearing in the magazines
– 0006157: Spent gun ammo is not reloaded when planes retun to base
– 0006113: Aircraft stuck on Runway Entry Point
– 0007107: AIM-54 re-targetable in mid-air
– 0006986: Aircraft cannot take off from Runway Grade Taxiways. Just land
– 0006906: Planes don’t reload gun ammo and chaff/flare dispensers
– 0006893: Magazines button on right panel doesn’t appear for some units (Kashin DDG with no central mags, only mount mags)
– 0006845: B493 planes crash out of fuel when stuck in landing queue
– 0007144: [506] Lost 2 F-14s to “hovering” MiG-29
– 0007145: HARM targeting behaviour
– 0007077: Skunk contact report exception error
– 0006622: [486] Game Crash after game start
– 0006987: AEGIS CG launches SM-6 after scen load
– 0005835: Nuke power after unrep
– 0004991: There is no boats button in the Unit status menu for Ship groups, just individuals
– 0007163: Ability to Show All/Show Selected/Show None range rings
– 0003335: DB3k Update: Add Turking Landing Craft C-151
– 0005267: Quick view of remainig weapons for aircraft
– 0005435: In window Air Ops is a status for landing aircraft “Landing_PreTouchdown”
– 0004407: Opponent Facilities showing Unit Fuel info
– 0004084: CWDB+DB3K: RBU family
– 0003834: DB3k; Add Chinese Mobile AAA Guns
– 0005158: UI Info panel bug
– 0005708: No AG load without AMRAAMs
– 0005654: Dogfight issues: Planes go to dogfight mode and 350kt, and are unable to catch up with a fleeing target
– 0005554: F-8 Crusader ordered to afterburner but stays at 360kt when intercepting Bear
– 0005647: Nice suggestion to fill up space on Status display on right
– 0005725: Weapon info for Selected Unit on info panel
– 0006721: Phoenix engagements
– 0005712: Easily accessible information on weapons available in a group
– 0006806: DB3k: Add DF-25 (China 2010)
– 0006964: [B500] Interceptors won’t speed up
– 0006927: [Build 498] Units breaking SARH lock to RTB due to Winchester
– 0006953: [Build 500] Still many Sparrow’s going blind due to F-4 overstating a potential intercept
– 0007048: DB3k: Few more Vehicles for Mark
– 0006899: [497] Freeze
– 0007085: DB3k: F-4J Loadout Issues
– 0007118: Update aircraft carrier parking spaces
– 0007084: CWDB: Aircraft loadout updates
– 0007130: DB3k: Cruise Alt of RUM-139 Asroc
– 0007155: A/RGM-176 needs illuminator in illuminator list
– 0007151: RN unit database errors (Type 1022 radar range & Sea Dart capabilities)
– 0007150: Sea Dart ADIMP: Did not have datalink nor autopilot, and no multi-targeting capabilities
– 0007141: Wasp class etc must be ‘AviationShip’ type
– 0007134: DB3k: Add to aircraft GBU-28C weapon to F-15 Aircraft
– 0007161: DB3k Update: Chinee MRL artillery system
– 0007164: Windows _sometimes_ forget their previous size and location
– 0007162: Unit Status: should display number of weapons remaining for single units/groups
– 0007171: MQ-8C Sensor Loadouts
– 0007183: DB3k: uper Etendard (#2850) GBU-49/B GPS/LGB Loadout isssue
– 0007184: DB3k: Add Buddy Store Loadout to Rafale M
– 0007189: SA.341F gun
– 0007199: [508] CWDB SA-5 missile bug
– 0007205: DB3k Update: Sea Giraffe lacks surface search capability so LCS 2 is blind
– 0001640: Weapon and aircraft profiles
– 0004243: Striking mobile targets that aren’t moving with weapons that are only legal against immobile targets.
– 0005773: JDAM and non moving Mobile Targets
– 0007154: JDAM vs SA-10 site
– 0005255: Filter scenario list by size and complexity
– 0007202: Problem with weapon activation point in explicit BOL attack
– 0007185: [508] F-35C cant take off from CVN 78
– 0007218: Strike Editor Issue: Wayponts aren’t turning into diamonds when selected.
– 0007232: [509] Flanker’s 509 Crash
– 0007225: Strike Editor: Apache Armed Mirage 2k Strange Flight
– 0007231: [509] Air strike mission wingmen no realeasing weapons
– 0007220: Strike Editor: Only flight leader obeying winchester ROE
– 0007223: Strike Editor: GBU armed aircraft don’t RTB together
– 0007222: 508/509 weapon magazine error
– 0007217: [509] Load Scenario Name Sort off
– 0007254: Towed array not detecting an active sonar
– 0007235: [509]Strike Editor: Air Strike mission wingmen no joining after take off
– 0007285: [511] Lag/Crash Report
– 0007284: [B507] Missile height error
– 0007149: Improve SAM Pok degradation – particularly vs small, fast targets (missiles)
– 0007270: Using Opportunity fire with this set up cause massive slowdown
– 0007276: Crash on right-click on facility
– 0006477: No Sound
– 0007287: [B511] Load Scenario window (Dimitris)
– 0004954: Whole Side Goes Offensive ECM Active (Dimitris)
– 0007071: B501 error report (Dimitris)
– 0007236: Build [509] range symbols possible bug
– 0007322: Pause the autosave when the game is paused
– 0007291: [513] Missile Impact Crash
– 0007324: [511] Aircrafts with “winchester” status do not obey throttle overrides
– 0007341: [514] Planes got themselves in a closed loop when going for refueling
– 0007203: Shift key stops working to multi-select
– 0007342: Not possible to transform Contact to ActiveUnit
-[FIXED B515] Build [509] range symbols possible bug
-[FIXED B515] [514] Reversed Map Settings
-[FIXED B515] [513] Excpetion when setting EMCON in the right-click unit
-[FIXED B515] [B513] Lock up
-[FIXED B515] [511 Bug] Chumonchin Chan Scenario.
-[FIXED B515] [B513] RMB error


* New significant AI/AirOps feature: Automatic generation of flight plan for strike missions.
While taking off, the strike group lead (or individual aircraft, if not in a group) plots a reasonable flight profile for the airstrike, consisting of initial form-up (marshal) point, IP, split-point (where aircraft actually commence their attack runs), rejoin point and return. The throttle & altitude presets for each point are provided by the loadout mission profile. The ingress (IP -> split) and egress (target -> rejoin) legs of the flight plan are deliberately placed in offset from the base-to-target axis in order to make the ingress & egress paths unpredictable.
The player can modify any of these points in order to customize the strike plan.

* New strike mission option (checkbox on mission editor): “Use auto-planner”. When checked, the aircraft assigned to a strike mission will use the new flight planner functionality (off-axis ingress & egress, profile-driven throttle/altitude etc.). When disabled, the aircraft will use the conventional “down the throat” approach.
This option allows authors of both existing & new scenarios to selectively make use of the new functionality without having to re-test all their work for possible problems. (It is also handy for those situations where a “straight axis” attack profile is preferred.)

* Runways can now handle more than one aircraft at a time. Tactical combat aircraft that are one ‘size class’ smaller than the runway can take off and land in pairs, granted they are of the same type and it is daylight. Landing aircraft (single or pairs) will attempt to land at 2.5 minute intervals, and launch at ca 30 second intervals granted the base infrastructure can support such a high pace of operations.

* Runway-grade taxiways will not be used for take-off unless these can handle larger aircraft than the runway, i.e. runway-grade taxiways will only be used in emergencies when the runway has been cratered/destroyed.

* On carriers, readied planes will now be automatically moved to the flight deck to speed up launching of Alpha strikes, granted there is enough space to host them there. As the deck is being emptied during launch cycles, more ready planes are moved from hangar to flight deck. Elevators can move two planes at a time, regardless of type & size. The Air Ops window has been updated with information about where a readied aircraft is parked, allowing the player to quickly scramble F-14s from the flight deck rather than from the hangar.

* When rebuilding a scenario with the latest database, the simulator will automatically re-shuffle the aircraft and move those that are ready in less than 60 minutes to the flight deck. Ditto when readying an aircraft in the scenario editor and selecting ‘Ready Immediately’. It may be worth noting that the simulator is not topping up the deck completely, it is keeping some free space on the deck for the recovery cycles since landing aircraft may have to park there in case all elevators are busy.

* Aircraft are automatically prioritized in the landing queue and the aircraft with the least endurance gets to land first. The simulator will also hold back all aircraft in the take-off queue until all aircraft in the landing queue or on approach are clear of the runway – and will even kick aircraft back to the hangar (on carriers) or move them away from runway access points to give returning aircraft space to manoeuver back to their parking spots. Aircraft also have a ‘critical fuel’ mode to help out just in case the AI isn’t able to get all the flight planning details right.


* The Ready Aircraft window will now take into account weapons already mounted on the aircraft when calculating the number of available loadouts. This is especially important when all targeting pods or ECM pods on a base are already mounted on aircraft.

* The user can also select to load aircraft with only mandatory weapons, i.e. without (self-defence) weapons such as Sparrows and AMRAAMs. Typically, air-to-ground loadouts with 4x AAMs on default will allow the aircraft to fly with just 2x AAMs, and loadouts with 2x AAMs will allow the aircraft to fly without any AAMs. The optional weapons are marked as such in the loadout selection window, and loadouts loaded without optional weapons are marked “Mandatory Weapons Only”. Air-to-air loadouts don’t have optional weapons since there are usually several separate loadouts with different missile configurations.

* When returning to base the simulator will automatically skip the optional weapons if these are not available in the base’s or carrier’s magazine, and only load mandatory weapons. If not enough mandatory weapons are available, the simulator will change the loadout ‘Reserve’. and unassign from missions. The aircraft will remember the ‘mandatory weapons only’ setting and not attempt to reload any optional weapons in the future, leaving those weapons to the fighter aircraft.

* Lastly, the loadout selection window has a new ‘Ready Immediately – Ignore Magazines’ option in the scenario editor. This allows readying of the selected aircraft immediately, without drawing weapons from the magazines. I.e. outfit the aircraft without filling the aviation magazines first.


* When calculating an aircraft’s radar cross-section (RCS), any external stores (weapons, sensor pods, fuel tanks) are now taken into account, increasing the total RCS. This is critical for stealth aircraft but also makes a difference for non-VLO assets, depending on the detecting sensor. (Hey Chad :-)


* Significant weapon mechanics addition: Extra modifiers for missiles engaging missiles (target speed & signature). Nominal PoK values for SAMs/AAMs are for reference target (B-52H) speed and radar & IR signatures. These are then compared with actual target speed & sensor signatures and appropriate modifiers applied. In most cases this results in significantly lower-than-nominal PoK, particularly against fast or low-signature targets (and even more for low-flying ones).

* Weapons that are nominally suitable only for fixed targets (e.g. JDAM) can now also be fired against mobile but stationary targets (e.g. mobile SAM battery on deployment).

* New map display option: Map symbols set. The choices are (a)NTDS + NATO APP-6 (current & default setting), and (b)Stylized. By default, the stylized set consists of Terry Courtney’s icon replacement set, but players can edit/replace each icon at will.

* On the “Options” window, the map display options have been moved to a separate tab.

* New: Weapons summary panel for selected unit/group. This lists the current weapons inventory for the unit/group selected. Each of the weapon lines is also a link to the relevant page on the DB viewer.

* New map display option: Show range symbols for all / selected unit / none. (This acts as a “master switch” for all range symbol varieties)

* Added “Order scenarios by…” filter on the “Load Scenario” window. The player can list scenarios by order of their filename, scenario date, difficulty and complexity. This should help new players easily pick out easy/simple scenarios to get started.


* The “ignore EMCON if I think I’m under attack” (a.k.a. “whole battlegroup lights up all radars, sonars and OECM if a contact appears threatening”) behavior is now doctrine-configurable. The default setting is “No”, but like every other doctrine/ROE setting it can be configured at the side, mission, group and individual unit level.
(Yes, there are certain circumstances where you want them to do exactly that, particularly for the computer-side.)


* Includes a large number of imports by Rudd (Russian Western MD AD+EW 2003-2013), Orca (China & Taiwan single-unit airbases), FlankerK (China SAMs) and blh42 (CONUS radars and SOCCs).

* Includes the v412 versions of the DB3000 & CWDB databases.

DB3000 additions:
Add Ship 2542 PC-21 Guaiqueri [POVZEE] Venezuela Navy 2011
Add weapon 2931 Toofan 2 2000,BGM-71C Copy
Add Facility 2201 SSM Plt (Toofan 2) Iran Army 2000
Add Submarine 520 Unarmed Midget Submarine Civilan 2000 Narco Submarine
Add Facility 2202 Mech Inf Plt (EE-11 Urutu APC x 4)
Add Faciity 2203 Mech Inf Plt (Fahd 240 APC x 3)Egypt Army 1986
Add Ship 2543 ADV Ocean Shield [Ocean Protector, Skandi Bergen OSV] -Australian Navy 2013
Add Weapon 2932 25mm Type 81 Burst [20 rounds] Land-Based AAA
Add Facility 2204 AAA Sec (25mm Type 87 x 2) China Army 1989
Add engine 2280 Azmat.
Add Facility 2205 Armored Plt (ZTD-05 Amphibious Tank x 4) Chinese Marines, 2010
Add Ship 2545 Bohai Jinzhu [1300P/1800LM RoPax] China Navy 2010 6x
Add Ship 2546 T-AK 323 TSgt. John A. Chapman United States Navy
Add weapon 2933 300mm SS-60 Rocket Astros
Add facility 2206 Arty Bty (SS-60 Astros II MLRS x 6) Brazil Army 1985
Add facility 2207 Sejil-60 MLRS x 6) Iraq Army 1985
Add facility 2208 Arty Bty (Type 89 MLRS x 6) China Army 1995
Add facilty 2209 AAA Plt/2 20mm/85 Hovet M163A Israel Army 1976
Add facility 2210 SAM SEC Machbet x 2 Israel Army 1998 2pr Plt+1 EL/M 2106
Add facility 2211 Mech Inf Plt (BMR-600 APC x 4) Spain Army 1978
Add weapon 2934 25mm STOP Burst [12rnds] Aselan
Add Ship C-151 LCT Turkey Navy 2012 4, +4

CWDB additions:

J 33 Venom NF.Mk51 — Sweden (Air Force), 1953-1960
J 34 Hunter F.50 — Sweden (Air Force), 1958
BB Valiant — United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1945-1948, Reserve
BB Warspite — United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1945-1946, Reserve
BB Queen Elizabeth — United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1945-1948, Reserve
F Chevreuil Class — France (Navy), 1940
C 607 Guichen — France (Navy), 1948-1952
C 606 Chateaurenault — France (Navy), 1948-1952
D 43 HMS Matapan — United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 1973-1978, Sonar Trials Ship
Fire Base — United States (Army), -Vietnam War (105mm Bty+M42A1 40mm Twin)
Fire Base — United States (Marine Corps), -Vietnam War (155mm Bty+M42A1 40mm Twin)
Fire Base — United States (Army), -Vietnam War (155mm Bty+M42A1 40mm Twin)
Fire Base — United States (Marine Corps), -Vietnam War (105mm Bty+M42A1 40mm Twin)
Rail Bridge (60 Tons) — Generic (Generic)
Rail Bridge (150 Tons) — Generic (Generic)
Radar (Token) — Soviet Union [-1991] (Air Defence Troops [PVO]), EW/GCI
Radar (Token) — Soviet Union [-1991] (Red Army), EW/GCI
Radar (Flat Face A [P-15]) — Soviet Union [-1991] (Red Army)
Radar (Flat Face A [P-15]) — Soviet Union [-1991] (Air Defence Troops [PVO])

Amended Platforms:
Nuke loadouts added TO F-104G Starfighter [CF-104C] — Canada (Air Force), 1966
Nuke loadouts added TO CF-101B Voodoo — Canada (Air Force), 1965
Added Tsar Bomba 58MT Bomb Carried by Bison and Bear Aircraft
Nuke Warheads added to MIM-14 Nike Hercules
All ZPU AAA systems can now shoot at aircraft; same goes for all AAA Systems