Build 474, the first Release Candidate for Command v1.02 is now available.

You can download it here:

To install, simply unzip on your Command installation folder. Answer “yes” to any overwrite requests.

This update can be applied to either a v1.00 or v1.01 installation.

v1.02 RC1 (Build 474) Release notes
(changes since B469)

– 0005763: Sead Patrol mission should have RTB When Winchester set by default
– 0006112: Hold Position for ground units
– 0006132: Cannot select new home base for grouped aircraft, only one-by-one
– 0004198: Ability to manually change aircraft callsigns
– 0004760: No way to delete a specific aircraft from a base / ship
– 0006035: Mobile units should have a ‘static’ option so they don’t move around
– 0006034: Doctrine option: Use SAMs in anti-ship mode
– 0000759: On/off switch for SAM’s with Surface Target Engagement Capability
– 0005651: Adding/Removing weapon record from loadout causes a crash
– 0006159: Sidebar slightly trimmed from B461 onwards
– 0005758: Players would like to hide reference Points
– 0006090: Tu-16s taking up runway access points
– 0005973: AS-2 drone shoots down AIM-54
– 0006190: Accessing the Side ROE and doing nothing changes the unit opportunity fire ROE to yes
– 0004668: SAM Site isn’t grabbing weapons from attached ammo dump
– 0004920: Can’t transfer ammo from land mag to SAM unit
– 0004050: Issue with Mission Activate Event – We disabled the ability ot set a mission time in game
– 0004955: Players would like to be able to set mission activation times in game mode.
– 0006024: Scenario user was building crashes at load
– 0006207: Mission Editior Dialog: Set Activation Time procedure set the mission inactive for the player
– 0006206: [471] Mission Editor Time Activation Text Color
– 0006115: Mining Mission Freeze
– 0005691: Mining Mission with 2 RP Crashes Command
– 0005423: Traffic Jam on Chinese Carrier
– 0005464: Traffic on Kiev and Stokiy
– 0005677: [434] Strange traffic jam on carrier
– 0005513: Airport Traffic Jam
– 0006210: [472) Map Cursor Data Block-> Do not show doesn’t work
– 0006137: [460] CV Traffic Jam
– 0006212: [B472] 4 Horsemen Lockup
– 0006220: HQ-9 problem
– 0005531: [B427] Game crashes following KA-6D crash due to lack of fuel
– 0005614: [431] Recorder Error
– 0005164: Mission editor set loadout crash

* The map-cursor databox (a.k.a. Black Box of Data) can now be configured to appear beside the cursor (as currently), appear on the bottom of the map, or not appear at all. This is set by Game -> Game Options -> “Map Cursor Databox”, and is a global (not scenario/side-level), persisting setting.

* New game option: Reference point visibility. Three settings are available: Normal (as currently), Small (half-size and grayed out), and Don’t Show. This significantly declutters the map in cases of dense ref-point concentrations.

* You can now set the activation time for a mission through the mission editor.

* Delay-timed missions are displayed in the mission editor with a “[D]” prefix.

* “Hold Position” command added to right-click menu for mobile ground units.

* You can now select a new home base for multiple-selected aircraft.

* You can now edit aircraft names and delete specific aircraft directly through the Air-Ops window.

* New doctrine option: Use SAMs in anti-surface mode (or not).

* Refined acoustic reverberation modifiers for sonars. Now the sonar’s tech level (more modern sets are affected less) and operating frequency (lower-frequency sets suffer the most) also play a part in determining degradation due to reverberation from shallow water or under-ice conditions.

* Strategic submarines now actively evade not only weapon contacts but also potential sub & surface threats in proximity.