A new public build is now available, Command Build 460. This is another stepping stone on our road towards the "official" v1.02 update. As with previous releases this build addresses the most immediate issues voiced by the Command user community while also generally improving the quality & functionality of the game.
As with all updates be aware that some issue may yet remain unresolved; we are aware of them and are continuing our path of steadily improving the game.
Download the new build HERE.
How to use: Unzip the contents of the file to your Command installation directory (the default is "C:\Matrix Games\Command Modern Air Naval Operations"). Answer "yes" to any overwrite questions.
This update is cumulative; it includes the work of all previous beta & public releases from v1.01 until today (incl. builds 446 & 451, the previous public builds). Please ensure you have a working v1.01 installation before applying this update. We recommend you backup your current Command.exe file as a failsafe - just in case the new build for any reason presents problems on your setup.
Release Notes
 - 0005924: Aircraft cannot be manually launched - Flight Ops Broke
 - 0005839: [443] Winchesters Lockup
 - 0005888: Winchester Showing up in Air Ops Dialog Again
 - FIXED: Excessive CEP on anti-ship missiles (e.g. Gabriels on "Battle of Latakia" or everything in "First Contact").
 - 0005935: Unlimited not quite working
 - 0005877: Unit continues to burn fuel after stopped
 - 0005631: Add Satelltite UI Bug reported by customer
 - 0004708: RCOD when loading scen
 - 0005499: B426 - Error Message Allocating SAM
 - 0005871: Save Game Not Loading
 - 0005937: Game crashes - The Pincer
 - 0005239: Sonobuoy fixes
 - 0005123: Four Horsemen scenario: tons of sonobuoys causes scen to run slowly
 - 0005832: Corrupt Save Game
 - 0005908: [445] Maria and Victoria Crash Bug
 - 0005515: Type VII Uboat can fire deck gun underwater
 - 0005840: Edge case of sub with Deck Gun
 - 0005920: Kilters are hitting but not damage target
 - 0005942: HARMs not damaging Launchers
 - 0005949: Unlimited Ordinance Still not there yet
 - 0005893: B446: SUBROC and Nuclear ASROC don't work
 - 0005948: When you manually type in a sub depth while commmand is running the game will crash
 - 0005456: Aircraft assigned to AAW Patrol keep leaving their zone
 - 0005574: CAP ignores 'Investigate Outside Patrol Area' flag
 - 0005794: AAW Mission Ignoring unchecked investigate contact outside patrol area
 - 0005941: New Speed and Alt Dialog defaults to 0 speed first time you enter it to edit
 - 0005653: When side EMCON is radar=passive and a new AAW mission is created, side EMCON is changed to Active
 - 0005969: Can't see units
 - 0005927: FB-111A Conventional loadouts
 - 0005858: Add YF-12A
 - 0005900: Attacker Mk 1/2 max speed
 - 0005899: Misc DB Platforms
 - 0005898: USAF F-4C 66-69 with Sidewinder AAW loads. Right now it's just Falcon.
 - 0005897: Soviet R-7 ICBM family (SS-6 Sapwood) and Italian cruiser Giuseppe Garibaldi
 - 0005896: Sea Venom and Vautour IIN SNEBs and speed
 - 0005860: Canberra B Mk6
 - 0005842: Advanced ASW Scenario Text Fix
 - 0005861: Canberra B(I)Mk6 and B(I)Mk8
 - 0005867: 12.7mm Aircraft Mgs
 - 0005859: P-47 D 12.7mm guns
 - 0005911: USN Guppies
 - 0005983: Loadout for Lincoln B.30 RAF 2000lb LDGP, RAF 250lb LDGP includes RAF 500lb LDGP not RAF 250lb LDGP.
 - 0005981: Avenger of Royal Navy has agility 3.
 - 0005979: Add Boom refueling for F-105. F-105s were able to be refueled by both boom or probe-drogue.
 - 0005976: Hunter F.1 / F.2 / F.4 / F.6 should be fighter instead of attacker.
 - 0005980: Independence class CVL has 17 medium A/C space in current database.
 - 0005952: Canadian CP-107 mk 2: 20 built, carried the ASV-21 radar like the Nimrod MR.1 in CWDB.
 - 0005977: Sea King HAR.3's operator should be Royal Air Force instead of Royal Navy.
 - 0005975: Egypt, Syria and Israel used Meteor NF Mk13, not Mk14.
 - 0005955: RVN Barnegat PF (1 X 5"/38; 2 x 81mm mortars)
 - 0005953: PCE-45 Chien Men (ex-AM-387 Toucan, Auk class)
 - 0005954: RVN Edsall DE (3 x 3"/50 guns)•
 - 0005978: Internal Guns" loadout for the Tu-91 Boot Strike (id = 572) with an appropriate range?
 - 0005902: DB3k: Columbia KFir C Radar Arc not appearing- Brother vs. Brother needs to be updated to show
 - 0005903: TA-50 AGM-65 loadout has Mk82 instead
 - 0000772: DB3k Update: Israeli Dvora 3 Typhoon mounts fitted with 2 Spike ER Mounts and Missiles
 - 0005510: [427] Hydra APKWS II Guidance
 - 0005926: FREMM gun issue
 - 0005936: RC-135 unable to do air to air refueling
 - 0005940: Correction Swedish coastal missile battery RB 08
 - 0005933: FB-111A conv weapons
 - AC-47 Spooky Winchester problem
 - RAF 250lb LDGP, RAF 500lb LDGP, and RAF 2000lb LDGP have min launch altitude 10m
 - Javelin Radar all variants amended
* New major feature: Proficiency levels. (First-pass implementation, side-level only)
Proficiency modifiers are applied on a side level (on the "Add/Edit Sides" window in ScenEdit mode) and can affect a wide number of factors. The available levels are Novice, Cadet, Regular, Veteran & Ace. Default proficiency level for each side is Regular.
* Aircraft turn rates and agility modifiers on missile evasion attempts are now affected by proficiency levels. The changes, as percentages of the original values, are as follows:
Novice : 60% of nominal
 Cadet : 70% of nominal
 Regular : 80% of nominal
 Veteran : 100% of nominal
 Ace : 110% of nominal
The weapon endgame messages have been updated to display the information of these modifiers.
* Significant improvements on the "Speed / Altitude" window (F2): Altitude presets for aircraft, similar to existing submarine depth presets, and ability to input precisely the desired speed & altitude/depth with arithmetic values in addition to the slider bars.
* Added DB-hyperlinks for weapons on the "Unit Weapons" window.
* Significant performance increase, both for UI and sim-engine.
* Faster start-up.
* Units listed on the mission editor and the air ops window now use natural sorting for the list order. So instead of this:
 Archer #1
 Archer #10
 Archer #11
 Archer #12
 Archer #2
 Archer #3
 Archer #4 get this:
 Archer #1
 Archer #2
 Archer #3
 Archer #4
 Archer #10
 Archer #11
 Archer #12
* More fixes & tweaks for the new features on the Throttle/Altitutde window, particularly for unit groups.
* Includes the v399 updates of the DB3000 & CWDB databases. Platforms added / updated:
 XF-108 Rapier
 Auk Class MCM
 Buccaneer S.2
 Anti-Tank Sect B-10 recoilless rifle (82mm) -- Generic (Army)
 Anti-Tank Sect Carl Gustav recoilless rifle (84mm) -- Generic (Army)
 Anti-Tank Sect M18 recoilless rifle (57mm) -- Generic (Army)
 Anti-Tank Sect M40 recoilless rifle (105mm) -- Generic (Army)
 Anti-Tank Sect M67 recoilless rifle (90mm) -- Generic (Army)
 Anti-Tank Sect SPG-82 recoilless rifle (82mm) -- Generic (Army)
 Anti-Tank Sect SPG-9 recoilless rifle (77mm) -- Generic (Army)
 All MCM Type vessels have correct MCM Sensors
 All Guppy Class propulsion systems amended
 RB-57 D/F Canberra Max Alt amended
 Collossus and Majestic Class CV’s hanger and open parking areas amended
 3” Rocket pk % amended
 2” Rocket pk % amended
 Javelin Radar all variants amended
 AN/APS-20 radar amended for Surface Search
 SSM Bn (YJ-62) -- China (Coastal Artillery), 2006
 Vehicle (Truck, HMMWV x 1) -- Generic (Generic), 1985
 841 Salawaku [Waspada] -- Indonesia (Navy), 2012, Ex-Brunei Navy
 AFSB(I) 15 Ponce [Austin Class] -- United States (Navy), 2013, ex-LPD 15, Experimental
 Commercial Fishing Boat [35m, Armed] -- Pirates (Civilian), 1979, Mothership
 Dvora MkIII [Super Dvora MkII] -- Israel (Navy), 2009, Spike-ER
 F 90 Thunder [Hamilton Class] -- Nigeria (Navy), 2012
 L 16 Shardul -- India (Navy), 2007
 L41 Jalashwa [Austin Class] -- India (Navy), 2007, Ex- LPD 14 Trenton
 LCM-8 -- India (Navy), 2007, x4 for INS Jalashwa
 M 62 Porbandar [Pr.266M] -- India (Navy), 1978
 PF 15 Gregorio del Pilar [Hamilton Class] -- Philippines (Navy), 2012
* Added extra option on "Start Game" window: Resume from last Autosave. This makes it even easier (and more immediate) to continue a game session after a crash, freeze or other problem.
* The player can no longer select and drag-move the waypoints of non-datalinked weapons.
* Fixed performance slowdown when numerous sonobuoys or datalinked weapons are present.
* Aircraft dropping sonobuoys are now constrained by the channel capacity of their sonobuoy datalinks. In most cases this means they will drop fewer sonobuoys per "string". To compensate for this, the default minimum spacing between successive sonobuoys has been doubled.
* Added new realism option: Unlimited Aircraft Weapons. When enabled, aircraft have unlimited loadout packs available even if their bases are not loaded with weapons at all. This is not recommended for realistic prolonged scenarios (it makes airpower too omnipotent) but can be useful for quick experimentation.
* Includes an updated version of the AAW tutorial, with the original mixed Shrike+CBU SEAD loadouts (as they were before the CBU-drop problem was reported, investigated and fixed).