A new public build is now available, Command Build 451. This is another stepping stone on our road towards the "official" v1.02 update. As with previous releases this build addresses the most immediate issues voiced by the Command user community while also generally improving the quality & functionality of the game.
As with all updates be aware that some issue may yet remain unresolved; we are aware of them and are continuing our path of steadily improving the game.
Download the new build HERE.
How to use: Unzip the contents of the file to your Command installation directory (the default is "C:\Matrix Games\Command Modern Air Naval Operations"). Answer "yes" to any overwrite questions.
This update is cumulative; it includes the work of all previous beta & public releases from v1.01 until today (incl. Build 446, the previous public build). Please ensure you have a working v1.01 installation before applying this update. We recommend you backup your current Command.exe file as a failsafe - just in case the new build for any reason presents problems on your setup.
Build 451 Release Notes
 - 0005924: Aircraft cannot be manually launched - Flight Ops Broke
 - 0005839: [443] Winchesters Lockup
 - 0005888: Winchester Showing up in Air Ops Dialog Again
 - FIXED: Excessive CEP on anti-ship missiles (e.g. Gabriels on "Battle of Latakia" or everything in "First Contact").
* Added new realism option: Unlimited Aircraft Weapons. When enabled, aircraft have unlimited loadout packs available even if their bases are not loaded with weapons at all. This is not recommended for realistic prolonged scenarios (it makes airpower too omnipotent) but can be useful for quick experimentation.
* Faster startup time.