This release is an update to v1.01. Please ensure you have a working v1.01 installation before applying this update.
Download from here: . Unzip to your Command installation folder. Answer "yes" to any overwrite prompts.
This release includes all the changes of the beta builds B443/444/445.
The main feature of this update is much improved support for higher-DPI (125% font size) desktop environments. There are also lots of UI & performance improvements & fixes as well as numerous DB updates & additions.
 - 0005890: Damage Status Dialog: Entering letters instead of numeric characters in Overall Damage field Crashes Command
 - 0005887: Air Ops Dialog- Aircraft linking a little off
 - 0005599: Cold War DB Mods
 - 0005612: DEW line radars
 - 0005688: Air-dropped anti-ship torpedoes should have correct firing range (shorter than max kinematic range)
 - 0005810: A130 Ranger and A 207 Wave Class fuel consumption rate off
 - 0005824: Fool112342000 Update requests
 - 0005759: Game Crash Cold War Database Build 394 - If you filter it a certain way
 - 0005829: A 60 Dharini Class should have 1000 tons fuel
 - 0005816: Nuke Talso carries wrong warhead
 - 0005827: HN-5 Minimum altittude off
 - 0005806: Need to Update aircraft mags for R08 Queen Elizabeth
 - 0005807: E-3B may not have had ESM system in 1985
 - 0005785: F-14 loadouts: 3x AIM-7 and 1/1/2 loadouts.
 - 0005762: SUU-23 pods on RAF Phantoms in CWDB
 - 0005801: RAF Tornado nuclear bombs & B61 for NATO aircraft
 - 0005866: Griffin Mk60 four-round launcher
 - 0005019: Add T/A-50 and/or F/A-50
 - 0005010: KAI T-50 Golden Eagle
 - 0005874: User needs a high speed sailboat
 - 0005843: Issues with UK units in the database
 - 0005857: F-14 loadout updates
 - 0005851: KA-6D
 - 0005865: SA-6 should have 40k ft max altitude?
 - 0005831: Make the Praire Masker stat visible to the users
 - 0005828: Add 'Iceland' as country in database
 - 0005681: Australian Canberra Class LHD
 - 0005799: Maritime Surveillance ready time for helo's
 - 0005680: Australia HMAS Choules, Bay Class (UK)
 - 0005870: Duelist Lockup
 - 0005872: Crash when disabling radars
 - 0005883: Minesweeping sonar doesn't seem to be working.
 - 0005875: Event Editor: Conditions need to fully integrated into edit event dialog
 - 0005803: Sensors window crash
 - 0005813: Aircraft Ready message in message log
 - 0005800: Massive Missile Strike CTD
* Command now handles the 125% desktop font setting (increased DPI) much more gracefully, and adjusts the dimensions of the right-column panels to compensate. (We welcome feedback on any UI problem/mismatch we have missed.)
* New event-engine addition: Event Conditions.
 Conditions are managed and added to/removed from events just like triggers and actions. An event without conditions fires normally (probability check etc.). If conditions are present, all of them must be satisfied in order for the event to fire. (We intend to add the option to configure whether all conditions must be satisfied or at least one of them, for greater flexibility).
* Added first event condition: Side posture. (e.g. Side-A must consider Side-B as [friendly|neutral|unfriendly|hostile]). The condition also has an optional "NOT" operator (e.g. Side-A must not consider Side-B as friendly).
* Simulation performance improvements, particularly in heavy DLZ code (e.g. large airgroups evaluating their missile shot against a target all at the same time).
* Added DB-hyperlinks to weapons on aircraft loadout selection window. Click on the weapon name and the DB-viewer will display the page for that weapon.
* Added DB-hyperlinks to the aircraft types in the air-ops window. Click on the aircraft type and the DB-viewer will display the page for that aircraft.
* The "Unassign" command ("U" key) has been added to the unit-context (aka right-click) menu.
* Includes the v398 versions of the DB3000 & CWDB database.
CWDB Additions:
 Armored Plt (BMP-2 AT-4 Spigot IFV) -- Generic (Army)
 Armored Plt (BMP-2 AT-5 Spadrel IFV) -- Generic (Army)
 Armored Plt (BMP-3 AT-10 Stabber IFV) -- Generic (Army)
 Inf Plt (RAF Regt) -- United Kingdom (Royal Air Force)
 Inf Sec (SAS Recon) -- United Kingdom (Royal Army)
 Inf Sec (SAS) -- United Kingdom (Royal Army)
 Inf Sec (SBS Recon) -- United Kingdom (Royal Army)
 Inf Sec (SBS) -- United Kingdom (Royal Army)
 Mech Inf Plt (FV-432 APC) -- United Kingdom (Royal Army)
 SAM Bty (CIM-10B Bomarc) 28 Launchers -- Canada (Air Force), 1961-1972
 SAM Bty (CIM-10B Bomarc) 28 Launchers -- United States (Air Force), 1960-1972
 SSM Bn (SS-6 Sapwood] TEL) -- Soviet Union [-1991] (Red Army), 1959-1968
 BB 70 TCG Yavûz Sultân Selîm -- Turkey (Navy), 1938-1950, -work in progress
 C 551 Giuseppe Garibaldi -- Italy (Navy), 1961-1972
 DD 14 Lo Yang [Benson-Mayo] -- Taiwan (Navy), 1953-1975
 DD 15 Han Yang [Benson-Mayo] -- Taiwan (Navy), 1953-1975
 DD 17 Nan Yang [Gleaves Class] -- Taiwan (Navy), 1954-1973
 DD 901 Hsiang Yang [Sumner] -- Taiwan (Navy), 1970
 DD 903 Hua Yang [Sumner] -- Taiwan (Navy), 1970-1976
 DD 905 Yue Yang [Sumner] -- Taiwan (Navy), 1970-1975
 DD 906 Hueai Yang [Sumner] -- Taiwan (Navy), 1971-1978
 DD 910 Po Yang [Sumner] -- Taiwan (Navy), 1970-1975
 DDG 903 Hua Yang[Wu Chin I Sumner] -- Taiwan (Navy), 1976
 DDG 905 Yue Yang [Wu Chin I Sumner] -- Taiwan (Navy), 1976
 DDG 906 Hueai Yang [Wu Chin I Sumner] -- Taiwan (Navy), 1978
 LSM Class -- United States (Navy), 1944
 PGM 9 Class -- United States (Navy), 1944
 Type 53A Huangpu Class -- China (Navy), 1956
 Type 55A Shantou/Swatow Class -- China (Navy), 1956
 Type 55A Shantou/Swatow Class -- North Vietnam [-1975] (Navy), 1956
DB3K additions:
 FA-50 Golden Eagle -- South Korea (Air Force), 2015, 20x
 TA-50 Golden Eagle -- South Korea (Air Force), 2012
 T-50 Golden Eagle -- South Korea (Air Force), 2007, 50x
 SAM Plt (HN-5B MANPADS x 4) -- Pakistan (Army), 1990
 SAM Plt (HN-5B MANPADS x 4) -- China (Army), 1990
 Civilian Sailboat [20m, High-Speed] -- Civilian (Civilian), 15kt Cruise, 24kt Max