Download from here:
Unzip to the main Command folder. Answer "yes" to any overwrite requests.
This pack is cumulative; it includes all previous v1.01 RCs. The release notes below cover only items that have changed since RC3.
This build fixes a serious problem related to ARMs that appeared in RC3. Because of its importance, we opted to do one more RC instead of sending this directly to the official release.
RC4 Release notes
 - 0005771: ARM's not firing at Search Radar
 - 0005770: F-4G Wild Weasel w/ AGM-78 Standard ARM not working at all (Build 440)
 - 0005693: [434] BCGN Shooting SA-N-6 at Tico with no hits.
* Ships can now effectively use semi-active SAMs in anti-surface mode, as they are taking terminal illumination concerns into account during pre-fire checks.
* Includes the v396 versions of DB3000 and CWDB. Main change is necessary mods to ARMs to fix firing issues.