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Unzip to the main Command folder. Answer "yes" to any overwrite requests.
This pack is cumulative; it includes both previous v1.01 RCs. The release notes below cover only items that have changed since RC2. For the full release notes see RC1 (Build 438) and RC2 (Build 439).
If nothing show-stopping pops up, this will probably constitute the final v1.01 codebase. So please everyone give this a try. We took great pains to address the currently most urgent issues (e.g. air-dropped weapon envelope problems) as well as provide features and fixes for players who have asked them.
RC3 Release notes
 - 0005675: Repetative BDA Reports
 - 0005734: Assorted tutorials issues
 - 0005556: [427] SEAD patrol kirks
 - 0005121: It should not be possible to arm/take off aircraft with maintenance/unavailable loadouts
 - 0005698: Kilter misses by stupid amount
 - 0005730: [438] Weird Shrike Behavior
 - 0005069: Shrike ARM misses by several kilometers
 - 0005699: Maria and Victoria Again
 - 0005672: Mixed Shrike and CBU Issue
 - 0005750: A-7 CBU-59 an Shrike Loadout a bad match
 - 0005735: Excessive dive rates for subs & aircraft
 - 0004279: IRIAF F-14 update
 - 0005560: DB3k Update: Combat Aircraft Mag Article on Iranian F-14's
* Aircraft now drop their ordnance much more reliably without manual control (we'd love to boast "100% reliably" but that's just an invitation for an edge case to pop up and throw egg on our face).
* Helmet-mounted sights (HMS) are now taken into account when deciding how much off-boresight an aircraft can shoot an AAM.
* Aircraft & submarines have more realistic dive rates.
* Includes the v395 versions of DB3000 and CWDB. Some of the changes include:
 - CH-47F Chinook -- Australia (Army), 2015, 7x
 - LHD 01 Canberra [Juan Carlos Class] -- Australia (Navy), 2017, 4x LCM-1E
 - LCM-1E -- Australia (Navy), 2015, 12x
 - LCM-8 -- Australia (Navy), 1967, 11x
 - L 100 Choules [Bay Class] -- Australia (Navy), 2013, Ex-Largs Bay, 1x LCM-8, 2x LCVP, No LCM-1E
 - Combined ARM/CBU loadouts have new mission profiles, using Hi-Lo-Hi instead of Hi-Med-Hi.
 - SUU-23 gun pods in A/G loadouts on F-4C/D
 - SUU-23 loadouts on RAF Phantoms