Much simpler package, simply unzip on top of B438 (overwrite Command.exe).
 - 0005714: [438] Slow down after assigning Backfire groups to ASuw Mission
 - 0005511: Possible for a Player to set a 0 speed.
 - 0005718: Get rid of NUM LOCK requirement
[/expand] v1.01 Release Candidate 1 (Build 438) (10/1/2013)
Download from here:
*** IMPORTANT: Back up you current Command.exe file before proceeding ***
Unzip pack directly to the Command installation directory (default is "C:\Matrix Games\Command Modern Air Naval Operations", you own path may vary). When asked about overwrites answer yes.
Run the game as usual.
 - 0005443: [420] Crash on Zoom
 - 0005533: Game just stops, get error message when trying to save scenario
 - 0005546: [430] No Nav Zones not working properly
 - 0005528: [427] Edit Exclusion zoneDialog bug
 - 0005543: [430] Freeze in basic air ops
 - 0005496: Sensor dialog Crash
 - 0005503: [426] Maria & Victoria
 - 0005605: Crash: Stanavforlant crashes with a NullReferenceException
 - 0005646: [432] Can still clog a carrier or airbase by readying aircraft on elevators
 - 0005592: Aircraft should accept ready/rearm command _only_ when parked
 - 0005260: Zooming on mouse scroll wheel
 - 0004409: Sonobouys clutter the display. Possibly to fade the or have an on/off view.
 - 0005650: Deselect all RPs hotkey
 - 0005667: OOM Exception, Red-X-of-doom
 - 0005652: Loading a scenario while another scenario runs causes sim to freeze up
 - 0005617: SOSUS not working
 - 0005013: Add Unit dialog should remember the country from the previous inserted platform
 - 0005676: [434] Can't manually deploy active sonobouy from TU-142 bear
 - 0005488: KDX update
 - 0004857: Chinese OTH-B and OTH-SW radars
 - 0005562: Swiss radars
 - 0003319: DB3K: Swiss BL-64
 - 0005570: Swiss radar ER-220
 - 0005569: Swiss radar LGR-1
 - 0005610: Load out mispelling
 - 0005576: Swiss radar TPS-1E
 - 0005571: Swiss radar ZW9/ZW10
 - 0003320: DB3K: Swiss "FLORIDA" EW radar
 - 0005577: Photos and text placed incorrectly in DB viewer
 - 0005596: Zumwalt Needs Helo Magazine
 - 0005598: DB3k Minor Text Edits
* Significant performance improvements both on UI map operations (zoom/pan) and sim execution.
* Enhanced stability.
* Added button "Abort Launch" on Air Ops menu. When clicked, any of the selected aircraft which is preparing to launch will abort the sequence and attempt to return to an available parking facility.
* Only aircraft that are in a parking facility can be armed (solves problem of airbase traffic jams due to aircraft being readied while on transit points).
* Added game option: Zoom map to mouse cursor location (instead of camera center).
* Added new game option: Sonobuoy Visibility. Available settings are: Normal, Ghosted and Do Not Show (not reccomended).
* Added new reference-point menu command: De-select all reference points.
* Command's hitherto mandatory high-fidelity mode (0.1-sec pulse length) at 1:1 time setting, is now optional: New game option, "High Fidelity Mode", enabled by default. To switch to 1-sec pulse length at 1:1 (aka coarse mode, similar to how Harpoon 3 runs at 1:1), disable this option. This has the effect of dramatically speeding up gameplay at 1:1 setting.
* DB viewer addition: Dedicated weapon page. Search, filtering etc. work just like any other unit type (except that country-level filtering is not available for weapons). File naming conventions for images & text
 descriptions are Weapon_XXX.jpg and Weapon_XXX.txt respectively.
* While having a weapon selected on the map, clicking on the weapon-class button on the unit status window will bring up the weapon's relevant page in the DB viewer.
* Hold-fire can now be issued on multi-selected units, in addition to single units and groups.
* DB viewer improvements: Valid Targets on weapon page, per-engine maximum speed displayed on powerplant section for all platforms (particularly useful for diesel-electric submarines).
* The "Add Unit" window now remembers all selection filters used on the last unit addition and re-applies them whenever called up.
* Includes four scenarios that were previously available on the community scenario pack:
 - Brother against Brother
 - Canary's Cage
 - Choking Halifax
 - Fighter Weapons School - GAT 5&6
* Includes the v394 updates for DB3000 & CWDB. New platforms & systems include:
 Bo-105CBS -- Canada (Coast Guard), 1984, 16x
 AC-130J Ghostrider -- United States (Air Force), 2015, Upgr MC-130J Commando II
 MC-130J Commando II -- United States (Air Force), 2013, 4x + Xx, Ex-Combat Shadow II
 Camcopter S-100 -- China (Navy), 2012, 18x
 Camcopter S-100 -- Libya (Army), 2010, 4x, Khamis Brigade
 CCGS Cape Roger -- Canada (Coast Guard), 1978
 CCGS Cape Roger -- Canada (Coast Guard), 1997, Refit
 Civilian RHIB [11m] -- Civilian (Civilian)
 Civilian RHIB [7m, Armed] -- Civilian (Civilian), Pirate
 Civilian RHIB [7m] -- Civilian (Civilian)
 DDG 991 Sejong the Great [KDX-3] -- South Korea (Navy), 2014, K-ASROC, Hyunmoo-3C
 DDH 971 Gwanggaeto the Great [KDX-1] -- South Korea (Navy), 2003
 DDH 978 Wang Geon [KDX-2 Mod] -- South Korea (Navy), 2014, K-ASROC, Hyunmoo-3C
 F 230 Norfolk [Type 23 Duke] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 2013, Type 997
 F 230 Norfolk [Type 23 Duke] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 2017, CAMM(M)
 F 236 Montrose [Type 23 Duke] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 2014, Type 997
 F 236 Montrose [Type 23 Duke] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 2017, CAMM(M)
 P 71 Serviola -- Spain (Navy), 1993
Ground Stuff:
 Radar (9ZW/10ZW HF) -- Switzerland (Air Force), 1966-1998, 2x, Assoc w AN/FPS-20A
 Radar (AN/FPS-20A) -- Switzerland (Air Force), 1966-1998, 1x, Assoc w 9ZW/10ZW HF
 Radar (AN/TPS-1E) -- Switzerland (Air Force), 1958-1989, 24x, AAA Support
 Radar (Big Bird C [64N6]) -- Algeria (Air Force), 2009, SA-20
 Radar (China OTH-B Receiver) -- China (Air Force)
 Radar (China OTH-B Transmitter) -- China (Air Force)
 Radar (China OTH-SW Receiver) -- China (Air Force), 2003
 Radar (China OTH-SW Transmitter) -- China (Air Force), 2003
 Radar (H(R)-500) -- Switzerland (Air Force), 1970-2003, 3x, Florida System
 Radar (Jindalee JORN Receiver) -- Australia (Air Force), 1983
 Radar (PS-47/F) -- Sweden (Air Force), 1965-1993, 9x
 Radar (PS-68/F) -- Sweden (Air Force), 1964-1980, 1x
 SAM Bn (SA-20b Gargoyle [S-300PMU-2]) -- Algeria (Air Force), 2009, 4x TEL, 2x Bn + 96L6E, 8x Bn
 SAM Bn (SA-21a/b Growler [S-400 Triumph]) -- Russia [1992-] (Air Force), 2013, 12x TEL
 SAM Sqn (Bloodhound 2 [BL-64]) -- Switzerland (Royal Air Force), 1965-1999, 1x Training Site, 1x Sec, 4x lnchr
 SAM Sqn (Bloodhound 2 [BL-64]) -- Switzerland (Royal Air Force), 1965-1999, 2x Sites, 1x Sec, 8x lnchr
 SAM Sqn (Bloodhound 2 [BL-64]) -- Switzerland (Royal Air Force), 1965-1999, 3x Sites, 2x Sec, 16x lnchr
 AIM-54A Phoenix [Fakour-90] -- 2012, SARH
 Sea Ceptor [CAMM(M)] -- 2017
 Hyunmoo-3C -- South Korea, 2013, Xuanwu 3