New Book Release: The Sure Bet King

I’m delighted to say that The Sure Bet King, my first full-length novel, is now out, and it could not be more timely. It’s a deep dive into the current, rapidly changing issue of…

…sports betting. Yes, I was a little surprised myself to see how naturally that topic came to me. From looking at shifting odds on a few obscure soccer leagues, golf tours, and Russian table tennis promotions in mid-2020 to seeing one place after another, including my native New York, legalize sports betting to seeing all my suspicions of the industry confirmed as I did research, I felt I had the topic of a book at hand.

The book is, strangely for me, mostly nonviolent. Although it did use Command to help with its production, because it’s a surprisingly important factor to see how long it would take an aircraft or ship to get from Point A to Point B, and the sim is great for that. The style of the book is of a type of genre fiction I like to call the “Pop Epic”, aiming to be both sweeping in scope and accessible to readers. One of the most successful writers of pop epics in his day was Sidney Sheldon, who combined extremely readable and simple prose with a willingness to tell grand yet tawdry sagas. After reading his books, I aimed to follow in his footsteps.

The Sure Bet King is available in Kindle or paperback.